Experience. Clarity. Results. Trust.

Are you still having problems leveraging the online world for building relationships that convert into leads and sales?

Do your teams understand the importance of strategy but are under pressure to develop a comprehensive executable online plan that achieves business results?

Are your marketing, public relations, social media, digital, SEO, and customer service departments still working in silos?

Is your company just simply trying to make sense of anything digital but not sure where the starting point is or where the priority should be?

I don't call myself a guru or an expert (it's up to you to grant me that title). I am a consultant, an advisor, and a professional who will work smart to get you results.  

Boost-Traffic-GraphI work with B2C and B2B executives at established companies to solve all the above and much more to consistently and efficiently achieve business growth results.

I can be your ongoing counsel, a contract or interim digital and social media director, or your specialist for one-off projects to help you achieve your objectives. My services include consulting (on-demand and in-person), executive and team training, speaking at corporate events, and strategy development.

Digital Strategy Consulting & Training

Here are just a few of the things you will achieve when you hire me as your consultant:

  • Your teams will understand how to leverage digital, social, and other tools to establish authority, get in front of more prospects, and increase sales.
  • You be able to develop scalable, executable, and action-oriented marketing, social media, and digital plans that keep your brand and message in front of highly targeted prospects and evangelists, on an extremely consistent basis.
  • You’ll be able to break organizational silos by getting all departments of your company working together to generate long-term solutions for social and digital media.
  • Your marketing and PR departments will learn how to cultivate and grow valuable, long-term relationships with influencers, bloggers, customers, prospects, partners, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • You'll build and execute customized automated marketing funnels to maintain top-of-mind awareness with potential clients.
  • Your company will be able to design, build and grow highly-targeted, branded online communities, social media committees, and digital centers of excellence.
  • You’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate all online marketing efforts (content, social, digital) with all traditional or offline efforts.
  • And more.


Services Offered:
Social Media | Digital | Marketing Consulting, Strategy & Training
✓Strategic Planning & Development (1-3 year plans)
✓Executive and team training
✓Audit & Assessment
✓Digital Platform Infrastructure Planning & Optimization
✓Content Strategy Development & Optimization
✓Content Marketing, Engagement & Amplification Planning
✓Content Calendar Creation
✓Blogger Outreach Campaigns
✓Influencer Identification
✓Voice & Persona Development
✓Social Crises Planning
✓Social Ad Campaigns
✓Social Media, Public Relations, Email and Marketing Integration
✓Monitoring | Metrics and KPI Mapping
✓Social Media Policy Creation
✓Social Media | Digital Department Development
✓Integrated Marketing
✓Media Planning (Digital & Traditional)
✓Marketing | Advertising Planning & Execution
✓Search Engine Marketing Strategy (SEO & PPC)
✓Expert Witness Services (For Social & Digital)

Business Growth & Lead Generation Consulting, Strategy & Training
✓Business Audit & Assessment
✓Marketing Automation & Business Development
✓Customer Relationship Building & Retention
✓B2B Lead Generation Consulting
✓Business Process Integration (Social Media, PR, Marketing, Sales, HR, Customer Service)
✓CRM Planning & Optimization

You will get proven, customized strategies to achieve the above.  My hype-free consultingBusiness-Growth methodology is based on utilizing strategic planning modules, extensive team training, and creating strategy analysis for business development.

You will hear what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear! I take pride in using a hype-free approach, offering customization for all my clients, and taking the time to understand your customers, your competitors, your people, your processes and your bottom line.  I question everything! Only then can I begin to fix what is broken and fine tune the core structure of your business.