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If you want to improve the reputation of your brand and gain more customers, you have to go to where the customers are. This concept may seem simple, but it’s something that many top companies are missing out on when it comes to engaging and creating relationships with new customers who will soon become loyal to their brand.

So where are customers spending the majority of their time today?

On social networks; they use social media to connect with friends, family, and even top brands each and every day. As a B2B company hoping to make valuable connections with other leading brands, it's critical to understand that social media is where the fish are biting.

By making your presence known in the right environment, you can create long-lasting relationships with other companies in social networks to expand the influence of your brand. The following tips will help your B2B company take the plunge into social media waters:

Put effort into profile pages

All profile pages for social media websites will ask you to input your basic information. But if you want to make your brand stand out amongst competition, you need to take it a step further.

For example, on LinkedIn, you’re provided with a perfect opportunity to input detailed information in your company profile that other businesses and professionals can check out to find out more about your brand.

Make sure to use clear descriptions, keywords, and up-to-date information regarding any recognitions and awards your company has recently received. Although a LinkedIn profile may seem unimportant, it’s your calling card when interacting with all other companies through social media.

Start a dialogue

After you have basic profiles set up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and possibly Pinterest, you can't just sit back and wait for interested customers to come to you. While that would be nice, it's definitely not the way that branding works.

Instead, this is the time to reach out and start two-way conversations with potential customers. For example, you can use the handy search bar on Twitter to search for specific keywords that relate to your business niche. Once you uncover comments, conversations, and questions on Twitter surrounding those keywords, you can provide expert answers on behalf of your brand that will establish you as a leader in your industry.

To keep the conversation going, make it a point to always respond to questions, comments, and tweets posted to your social media profiles within at least 24 hours.

Become an expert in your industry

To expand on the point above, make sure that you are providing other companies with relevant, helpful information in every conversation you have in social media. Customers and businesses on the Internet all have one thing in common: they’re looking for information.

When your company can become a significant resource of information in social media, you'll quickly stand out as a top brand among competition.

When it comes to leveraging social media to market your B2B business, the time to act is now. Even if you already have a solid off-line and online marketing campaign in place, don't neglect the simple importance of social media marketing to represent your brand and create long-lasting customer relationships.

Guest Author: Sylvia is an online writer who enjoys writing about B2B business trends.



Are you clueless on how to blog for SEO? This beginner's guide will take you through simple steps on how to get your blog posts in tip top shape for when the search bots come crawling.

Why Blog for SEO?

There’s two very good reasons you should do this, which lead me to put together this beginner's guide on how to blog for SEO.

1. Since you’re already taking the time to write the blog, so you might as well know how to blog for SEO.

2. It will help drive extra traffic to your blog in the long term – which is why you’re blogging right?

How to Blog for SEO

First you should plan out your blog post. It might seem like extra work, but believe me it will make the whole process a lot easier. You can download the plan I used to prepare this blog for SEO here.

Topic – First you’ll need to decide on the topic you’ll be blogging about. Ideally it should be a trending topic or something you know is popular with your target audience. There’s no point writing about something no one’s interested in.

Keywords – Probably the most important consideration when tailoring your blog for seo is the keywords you’ll use. Once you’ve decided on your topic, the best way to select keywords is to head on over to the google keyword tool, which will show you a bunch of suggestions for the topic you enter. Ideally try to choose 2 or 3 phrases which have high search traffic and low competition. If you downloaded the plan I used for this post, you’ll see that the phrases I’ve selected are ‘blog for seo’, ‘how to blog’ and ‘beginner's guide’, which all have low competition and searches in the thousands. ...continue reading


As a customer, you’ve probably experienced the benefits of mobile marketing to give you discounts, specials, and freebies from your favorite brand. Right? Well, as a business owner, you can use this same type of hands-on mobile marketing to reach customers more effectively than ever before.

Even the most popular fast food chains like Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Wendy’s started marketing to customers with text marketing, iPhone apps, and mobile coupons just a few years ago. Many of these mobile apps will allow a customer to place an order online and pick up their food moments later. Simply brilliant.

Even large retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy stay connected with customers via text for holiday specials and discounts and have introduced iPhone apps to give customers more options. Instead of visiting the official website, customers can read reviews, order products, and create a gift list directly through their mobile phone.

As a business owner, you can take your mobile marketing campaign beyond just the standard text message. You can get creative with the following ideas:

  • Mobile Payments: Starbucks recently introduced Starbucks Card Mobile payments available at more than 1000 Safeway locations via the Android App. Customers can load up their Starbucks card on their mobile phone and use their phone to pay for their coffee at their convenience. This means that Starbucks mobile payment is now available on 90% of all smartphones to make it virtually impossible for a customer not to connect with Starbucks through their mobile device. ...continue reading