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It is fair to say that most consumers consider Google and Facebook the Internet in its entirety.  While they may be aware of other sites, when they think about the Internet, what they are thinking about is one of the above corporate giants. Social networking has been around for a long time. One of the first online communities was “The Well,” which still exists and was created in 1985 as an extension of the “Whole Earth Catalog.” MySpace, Xanga, and many others were very popular until the Facebook juggernaut took over the entire Internet. So will there be only one search engine or a single social network in the end?

The Faceless Book

It was not too long ago that Facebook was, while successful, just one of a number of social networking sites that people used to keep track of friends, communicate, and post pictures and messages. Friendster, MySpace, Xanga, Classmates, and others all served different demographics and markets.

Facebook on the other hand was originally a social network strictly built for Harvard students, and because exclusivity breeds desire, it led to Facebook expanding to include all Ivy League students. It later expanded again to include all college students of any school, and, finally, anyone with an Internet connection. This "forced scarcity" and tiered rollout created a huge demand and now we have the Facebook of today.

Facebook now claims to have 500 million users, which, if true, constitutes 25 percent of all Internet users. The other social sites have faded fast and while some have survived, many are no longer in business. With the social networking side of things well in hand, and Google the largest gateway to the web, Romulus and Remus rule us all and we are experiencing the end of the Internet. Or is it? ...continue reading



"Mirna, what's your take on Facebook these days with the privacy concerns? I didn't like seeing my FB photo, name, text box pop up online." Pam W.


Good question, Pam!  Several people asked me the same thing, since I did not react much to the changes.

As briefly mentioned to you on Twitter, I think users should have the right to choose if they want to show others what sites they visited. However, I also see Facebook’s perspective on helping brands and other businesses boost their viral marketing efforts since this will also support the site’s growth.  To a certain extent, they were not thinking of the average Facebook user because they ended up causing a tremendous amount of confusion and commotion.

Although I think Facebook and other social networks do a very poor job at educating and listening to their users, I do believe it is the users’ responsibility to protect their own privacy.  Everyone online should be focused on having fun, educating themselves about social media and working on their strategies, instead of wasting too much time worrying about the Facebook changes.

We have to all remember that a huge part of using social media is transparency. It is our choice to make whether we want to use social media or not; and we decide what to share and how visible we want to be.

As you know, I share a lot of content and consider myself to be very visible online. But, I am also a very private person and don’t like sharing my entire life with the world.  Although, I allow everyone to get to know my personality, I am very strategic and extremely cautious with what I post or discuss on social networking sites.

If privacy is still a concern, here are a few tips when using any online tool or website:

- Use common sense.  If you do not want your competitors or great great grandchildren to see something, do not post or discuss it.

- Take the time to check the privacy policies before using a social media tool or application.

- Be responsible and use privacy settings when joining social networking sites.

- And last but not least, if you are using sites like Facebook for business, please remember to use them as supporting tools only.  Too many of us are concentrating way too much on these tools instead of focusing on what is truly important -- our business strategy and our websites.

If you still have concerns, questions, and comments regarding privacy, please post them below.

If you would like to get your questions answered by Mirna, please visit the Ask Mirna page.


In the past couple of weeks, I received a couple of inquiries from business owners who found me on Google for the terms 'LinkedIn media consultants' and 'LinkedIn social media consultants' (well what do you know, I come up on page 1 and 2 of Google for these two terms – singular and plural). These business owners wanted to know my rates to do training for LinkedIn. They received quotes ranging from $500 - $1000 from other social media consultants. Why would I or anyone else charge them? LinkedIn offers free training. Yes, FREE!

In my coaching and consulting sessions, I normally inform my clients of LinkedIn’s hidden treasure. When I started announcing this resource on social networks last week, I was extremely surprised of the reaction and feedback. It seems that the majority of people did not know this, including the ones that have been using the site for a while. If LinkedIn did a better job at marketing their hidden treasure, more people would be active on their site. Right?

I am calling these trainings "Treasure" because they show you everything you need to know about LinkedIn and the only way you can truly leverage and maximize your time on this site.

There are a couple of easy ways to get to the free training modules. The first way is through this URL: http://learn.linkedin.com/training/. The second is through the LinkedIn navigation bar you see on the top of the page.

Follow the three steps below, and you will be well on your way to becoming a LinkedIn expert:

1. On the navigation, you will need to click the “More…” link to pull down the menu, and then select “Learning Center.”


2. This will take you to the “Learning Center” page which shows you everything you need to know about LinkedIn. On this page, click “Training Resources” on the right navigation.


3. So here we are! On this page, you can choose to learn at your own pace through free video modules, see what seminars are being offered, and request custom webcast training for your organization. You will have to ask them if fees apply for the custom training.


Once you learn how to navigate and use LinkedIn through these free training modules, a social media consultant like me can help educate you on how to strategize, prospect, recruit, and build your brand through LinkedIn if you are still confused. This is where I would charge for my expertise not for something that is already offered for free. BUYER BEWARE for consultants who want to charge for training that is available for free!

Were you aware of this training?  Please let me know below.

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