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Social media is a wildly popular tool these days. Social media provides a unique, useful way to communicate with customers and clients, convey a brand and spread the message your business has to share. Many incredibly popular social media sites are available for marketing, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. While you should definitely consider a social media presence on these popular sites, choosing some alternative options as well can help you to expand your brand in a really meaningful way. If you’re interested in using alternative social media for your own company, consider the options below to get started.

social media consumersInstagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing network, based primarily on mobile usage. Within the network you can capture, edit and filter both images and video. You can then share it with your followers, add hashtags to allow others to find you and interact with potential customers.

Start by creating an account, updating your bio with a link to the company website and adding an image representative of your brand. Then you can start sharing images, choosing to share things which are relevant to your existing marketing plans. Consider sharing photos of your work or products you have for sale. Take photos of clients receiving your services (with their permission of course) and remember to always add the most appropriate hashtags, making your images (and account) searchable. ...continue reading

Most business professionals today realize social media has become a vital tool that can make or break a company’s success in the business arena. Knowing how to utilize social media to your advantage and using it as a means to communicate to your target audience can help you gain more clients, show your entrepreneurial talent, and your desire to make your mark in the business world today. As you contemplate your social media strategy, you would do well to take several points into mind:

Be Genuine
Despite whatever your social media profile says about you and your company, your audience will be able to detect a phony persona and will call you out on it. Your customers will feel more brazen to point out your blunders and shortcomings because they are anonymous to you when posting online.

Update Frequently
Just as you might experience with your own personal social media profile, you may not know what to say when you update your company’s page. You should avoid showing your boredom and uncertainty. Despite your creativity dry spell, you should continue to post on your social media profile.

...continue reading

Social media has become a powerful platform for companies to promote their products and services. While many major corporations are using these channels to their potential, a majority of start-ups aren't completely aware of the possibilities. Just because you have a social media profile doesn't mean your profile is generating interest in your company or communicating the value you offer. The key to using social media platforms to your advantage is to identify which users to engage and then determine how to engage them. Here are 5 ways you can use social media to help promote your start-up.

social media for start-up

1.  Increase Brand Awareness

You'll need to have a cohesive brand before you even think of using social media for promotion. Once you've created a voice, designed a logo and constructed your message, you can use social media to build brand awareness. Studies show it can take 4 to 6 exposures with a brand within a short period of time for someone to recall the company name. The quicker you can get users to recall your brand, the quicker you can build trust.

2.  Promote New Products

Studies show 87 percent of all of the companies using social media use the platform to promote their products. If you're launching new products, you can post pictures and descriptions of these products to spark interest. Using social media to promote products is about engaging the customer and finding an original way to communicate value. ...continue reading