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A growing number of consumers turn to the internet on a daily basis. Most of them have it in their pockets via a mobile phone. Whether blogging for the sake of providing a place where readers can learn or discuss something, or to let people know what your store has to offer, having a web presence is now a necessity for most businesses. Consider five ways to increase traffic to your site:

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of writing content that is optimally placed in the rankings of search engines. This is accomplished through the use of keywords. A keyword is the prompt used to find information about a topic. Keywords should be strategically placed within the text as they serve the purpose of the article. Some web hosting services offer user-friendly keyword density tools. ...continue reading


Are you clueless on how to blog for SEO? This beginner's guide will take you through simple steps on how to get your blog posts in tip top shape for when the search bots come crawling.

Why Blog for SEO?

There’s two very good reasons you should do this, which lead me to put together this beginner's guide on how to blog for SEO.

1. Since you’re already taking the time to write the blog, so you might as well know how to blog for SEO.

2. It will help drive extra traffic to your blog in the long term – which is why you’re blogging right?

How to Blog for SEO

First you should plan out your blog post. It might seem like extra work, but believe me it will make the whole process a lot easier. You can download the plan I used to prepare this blog for SEO here.

Topic – First you’ll need to decide on the topic you’ll be blogging about. Ideally it should be a trending topic or something you know is popular with your target audience. There’s no point writing about something no one’s interested in.

Keywords – Probably the most important consideration when tailoring your blog for seo is the keywords you’ll use. Once you’ve decided on your topic, the best way to select keywords is to head on over to the google keyword tool, which will show you a bunch of suggestions for the topic you enter. Ideally try to choose 2 or 3 phrases which have high search traffic and low competition. If you downloaded the plan I used for this post, you’ll see that the phrases I’ve selected are ‘blog for seo’, ‘how to blog’ and ‘beginner's guide’, which all have low competition and searches in the thousands. ...continue reading


Setting up your online shop for search engine optimization is a crucial part of making it a success. There are certain characteristics of web pages that the search engines view favorably, while there are other characteristics that they do not. Knowing what these are and tailoring your online shop presentation to be viewed favorably will land you higher in organic search results than a site or online shop that has not taken these important points into consideration.

If you're just now beginning to set up your online shop, this is the best time of all to review these points. If your online shop is already open, it's certainly not too late to make some key updates to your website and its item listings.

A few important points about SEO:

First, the search engines don't officially publish a rule book on how they evaluate web pages. However much has been researched and published on what they look for and many characteristics are clear. It's also important to note that the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and strategies in a quest to deliver the most relevant, high- quality search results. The points covered here are those that are not likely to change in the near future.

It's also important to remember that you are not just setting up your shop and its listings for the search engines, but equally important is for it to be attractive to online shoppers as well. Setting up your shop with both groups in mind is the ideal. ...continue reading