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Every successful business must keep employees, executives, suppliers and customers in touch, empowering them to communicate on any device wherever they go. Modern digital collaboration tools are becoming more and more indispensable. What are some of the most popular solutions?

IT - BusinessBasecamp

A project management website, Basecamp features wiki-like text documents, to-do lists, calendars and milestones, time tracking, file sharing and messaging. The online software connects people to the files and project data that matter, keeping everything in one place. Basecamp is one of the most popular project management tools in the world.

Google Drive

This online office suite is offered by Google (free for individuals). Using a web browser, anyone can create and edit documents collaboratively; all files are stored online. Documents are saved automatically to avoid data loss. Users can create or import documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and export them in numerous different formats. Multiple users can open and edit documents simultaneously.


This productivity tool tracks accomplishments and motivates employees using a daily email reminder. Team members on a project, using only email, can share and monitor their progress. Each morning, team members receive a digest of everyone's accomplishments from the prior day.

Unified Communications

This term refers to an all-encompassing collaboration suite, such as the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution from Mitel Networks. Such a solution typically combines telephone service, messaging, presence services, and audio/video/web-conferencing. Thus all team members, regardless of location, have all possible communication methods available to them, from one provider.


This is a distributed code repository and version control system typically used by developers to store and manage code. GitHub allows team members to work on files simultaneously; the service keeps track of all files and file changes. The online software supports issue tracking to help manage bugs and customer problems. GitHub also features a wiki in which technical documents can be stored.


"Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web." This software handles all types of information, which can be uploaded and shared with colleagues. Each bit of uploaded content becomes a note. Notes are organized into notebooks, which can be viewed by other people.

Google Groups

This service from Google affords discussion groups for people wishing to share common interests. Additionally, the service provides a gateway to Usenet newsgroups using the same user interface. As of 2013, a Google+ account is needed to access the Groups. The service functions as an unofficial archive (dating back to 1981) of all newsgroups.

The possibilities for online and mobile communication and collaboration are nearly unlimited -- truly an embarrassment of riches.

Most business professionals today realize social media has become a vital tool that can make or break a company’s success in the business arena. Knowing how to utilize social media to your advantage and using it as a means to communicate to your target audience can help you gain more clients, show your entrepreneurial talent, and your desire to make your mark in the business world today. As you contemplate your social media strategy, you would do well to take several points into mind:

Be Genuine
Despite whatever your social media profile says about you and your company, your audience will be able to detect a phony persona and will call you out on it. Your customers will feel more brazen to point out your blunders and shortcomings because they are anonymous to you when posting online.

Update Frequently
Just as you might experience with your own personal social media profile, you may not know what to say when you update your company’s page. You should avoid showing your boredom and uncertainty. Despite your creativity dry spell, you should continue to post on your social media profile.

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If you’ve taken the big leap and joined the ranks of the online video marketers, congratulations! The first video is always the most difficult.

But now that you’ve produced your first video, what’s next? How do you not only maximize the marketing from that video, but also create new video marketing opportunities? Unless you want to succumb to the dreaded “one and done” syndrome, you’ll want to create a strategic marketing plan for using video regularly in your business.

As with any plan, you must begin with the end in mind. What are your business objectives for video? Is it to grow your list? Build your brand? Drive more web traffic? Enhance your credibility? Your goals will determine your direction.

If you said “all of the above” to the video goals we just listed, here are some ideas for maintaining your video momentum…

1. Create an “expert tips” series to share your expertise. Short, 1 – 2 minute “how to” videos are a great way to increase your credibility and expand your influence.

2. If you’ve got a blog, add a videoblog post every couple of weeks. The search engines love video, and your readers will be treated to a dynamic change of pace from your traditional blog posts. Extra bonus: Video is much more personal and compelling than print alone!

3. Get some face time. Use a personal video message or video email to go “face to face” with your clients or prospects. Sending a video greeting, birthday wishes or a thank you video have much more impact than yet another regular email. If you want to stand out and be memorable, use video! ...continue reading