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Social media has become a powerful platform for companies to promote their products and services. While many major corporations are using these channels to their potential, a majority of start-ups aren't completely aware of the possibilities. Just because you have a social media profile doesn't mean your profile is generating interest in your company or communicating the value you offer. The key to using social media platforms to your advantage is to identify which users to engage and then determine how to engage them. Here are 5 ways you can use social media to help promote your start-up.

social media for start-up

1.  Increase Brand Awareness

You'll need to have a cohesive brand before you even think of using social media for promotion. Once you've created a voice, designed a logo and constructed your message, you can use social media to build brand awareness. Studies show it can take 4 to 6 exposures with a brand within a short period of time for someone to recall the company name. The quicker you can get users to recall your brand, the quicker you can build trust.

2.  Promote New Products

Studies show 87 percent of all of the companies using social media use the platform to promote their products. If you're launching new products, you can post pictures and descriptions of these products to spark interest. Using social media to promote products is about engaging the customer and finding an original way to communicate value. ...continue reading

A well-built social media strategy can give you an immense amount of momentum for your company. It can help establish you as an authority, enhance your search campaign, and even help you reach a bigger audience. The problem is that many BtoB companies are approaching social media from the wrong angle. They are focusing too much on the bottom line and making it too much about themselves rather than their audience. Here are some tips for making social media a huge asset for your company.

BtoB Social Media1. Set up proper infrastructure.

Executing and managing a social media campaign is a lot work. That’s why you want to have the proper infrastructure set up to make it easier and help you scale your campaigns. You want to make sure your team understands what their roles are, set up a publishing schedule, and make most of the social media marketing solutions that are available.

2. Measure your campaigns and set proper goals.

Too many BtoB companies launch a social media campaign in the dark. They think that the marketing channel should work like direct response when that’s not the case. Social media can have many goals from generating leads, building a following, to acquiring links. Each campaign will have a different goal, so you will need to measure the proper metrics depending on what you want to achieve.

...continue reading

When it comes to online business strategies several companies get lost and wonder how they can efficiently combine traditional tactics of the past with new-age media that dominates today. Although marketing approaches change on a daily basis there is one idea that still stands and makes for a solid foundation of a marketing program, which is building and effectively using your email list. The following strategies show unique ways to build a rock star email list which you can mimic too!

Free Advice
Whether you are a small company looking to build your first email list or a large corporation in need of more contacts, one of the best ways to gain genuine leads is by offering free advice or a product. When I say product, I really mean an e-book in which you can create yourself. If you have valuable information which you are dying to share, video yourself and make a webinar or podcast. Consumers can access this for free but must input their email before watching. You can also offer your e-book full of free advice and information as a gift to clients for signing on to your newsletters or list. ...continue reading