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Skip the Working Vacations!!

It is time to just say ‘No’ to all working vacations. I get it! This is hard to do for entrepreneurs to do. I’ve struggled for years in trying to make this happen and finally realized the importance of unplugging from work and technology after my health took a hit.

Holidays are supposed to function as the optimal reset switch, helping you recharge your batteries so you can resume work with a rejuvenated aim. Nevertheless, even while you're resting in a hammock on the beach drinking a margarita, provided you're also occupied checking emails on your gadget you aren't actually getting the vacation time you need and deserve.  Without a definite seclusion between work time and leisure time, your getaway may possibly feel significantly less like a getaway than merely the subsequent business vacation. In addition, spending your time checking emails, working on projects or dealing with the everyday stress of work doesn't just do harm to your own revitalization and health; it can be draining for your family and friends as well.

If you really need a break and your work doesn't allow you to disconnect, what do you do? Thankfully, there are ways to unplug from work to get the relaxation time you need. All it takes is some careful planning, a few tech tricks, and a little determination and self-discipline.

In an ideal world, you’d work-proof your devices and online activities so that you could use the phone, computer or internet without coming into contact with any work-related issues.

Try following these five tips to help you completely unplug on vacation without hurting your work performance:

Timing Is Key

Pick a time that won't compromise the success of current projects. A holiday might not be placed on your radar 6 months ahead of time, however starting out earlier might guarantee that your work operates seamlessly while you're experiencing some "me time.”

Creating a Work Plan Before Vacation

Before I begin planning my perfect getaway, I do my best to create a work plan, checklists, and organize my calendar in order not to leave any stone unturned before the trip.  I notify all my clients at least a few months in advance so they can plan accordingly and make sure all assistance are available to take care of everything while I’m gone.

Take some time to plan and organize your work projects so everything is completed or taken care of before you are gone.  After all, your vacation should be what it ought to be.  A vacation, not a work-a-tion. ...continue reading

In a world of increasingly complex technology, many businesses are still playing catch-up when it comes to user interface. The online shopping industry has changed drastically, and you'll need to step up your game if you want to draw in today's savvy shoppers. How do you generate interest for your brand without breaking your marketing budget? Develop a mobile app. Here are five good reasons why your business, even if it is a small one, needs to develop a mobile app.

Increased Networking

Designing a mobile app opens your business up for instant connection with social media sites. Your primary customers are already updating their statuses and tweeting about their favorite brands. You need a mobile app to connect with them where they go. Syncing up an app with social media sites boosts your networking capabilities

mobile appsBetter Visibility

Did you know that most people do their online shopping from their smartphones these days? If your company doesn't have a mobile app, then you're not reaching a large percentage of online shoppers. Your customers want instant access to things like shipping info and store hours; developing a mobile app will enhance their experience with your brand.

On-the-Go Access

Because phones and tablets are so much smaller than traditional electronics, people want easy-to-use versions of the websites they know and love. You've probably experienced the frustration of attempting to load a large website onto a tiny screen. Creating a mobile app allows your customers to access information more easily wherever they may be at the touch of a few buttons.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Building a mobile app version of your website can significantly reduce the amount you spend on overall marketing. Many companies offer affordable ways to revamp your existing mobile site or upgrade it entirely. Expert development companies like SolutionStream can help you find ways to expand your brand by utilizing professional mobile developing services.  Once you have a solid app that your customers enjoy, you will enjoy immediate and continual access to your key clients right where they most want it.  Your initial development investment will yield huge continuing returns.  This will then allow you to ease back on other elements of your marketing budget, if desired.

Special Deals and Incentives

Thanks to increased connectivity with social media sites, your mobile app could open up new possibilities for contests, coupons, and special promotions. Users could take photos on the go and upload them directly to your company's social media page or write in reviews directly from the app. A quality mobile app will encourage people to continue sharing and shopping exclusively with your brand.

From saving you money on marketing costs to connecting you to a whole new demographic, developing a mobile app can be one huge leap in the right direction for the future of your business. Before you attempt to create one yourself, consider letting a professional web development company offer you the tools and tips you need to create a solid mobile experience.

Social media is a wildly popular tool these days. Social media provides a unique, useful way to communicate with customers and clients, convey a brand and spread the message your business has to share. Many incredibly popular social media sites are available for marketing, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. While you should definitely consider a social media presence on these popular sites, choosing some alternative options as well can help you to expand your brand in a really meaningful way. If you’re interested in using alternative social media for your own company, consider the options below to get started.

social media consumersInstagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing network, based primarily on mobile usage. Within the network you can capture, edit and filter both images and video. You can then share it with your followers, add hashtags to allow others to find you and interact with potential customers.

Start by creating an account, updating your bio with a link to the company website and adding an image representative of your brand. Then you can start sharing images, choosing to share things which are relevant to your existing marketing plans. Consider sharing photos of your work or products you have for sale. Take photos of clients receiving your services (with their permission of course) and remember to always add the most appropriate hashtags, making your images (and account) searchable. ...continue reading