FAQs – General

What is your background and experience?

I have been in the advertising and marketing communications industry since 1996.  I have a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s in business management.  I worked at top advertising agencies working with major brands, including Taco Bell, Washington Mutual, Hilton Hotels, Taylor Made, Toshiba, Hoag Hospital, Kawasaki and many more.  I have been a business advisor and consultant for over seven years. In addition, I am currently an instructor of social media at University of California, Irvine.

How long have you been in the Internet marketing industry?

Since 1998, I have been placing banner advertising on the Internet for major brands.  This was when online marketing was still new and not widely-used.  In 2005, I spent crazy amount of hours doing extensive research on search engine optimization and social media to learn as much as I can about the Internet.  In 2007, I started my digital marketing consulting business by taking my very first client.

Have you succeeded with online marketing for your own business?

Absolutely, I get approximately 65-70% of my business from the Internet.  Most businesses find me through Google, social networking sites such as LinkedIn, and many business forums.  I am also consistently contacted for International speaking engagements and joint venture partnerships because of my online visibility.

Who are your current clients?

Due to confidentiality agreements and protecting the privacy of my current clients, I am not able to mention my client names online. However, I did mention some past clients above.

Why would a business need to hire a social media consultant?

Hiring a knowledgeable digital or social media consultant can save any business from making time-wasting mistakes.  A consultant will help a business determine goals and objectives, create a sustainable strategy, educate and empower employees, develop a social media policy as well as help a company create its social media voice.  Companies who use experienced social media consultants have better clarity and understanding of social media, are able to effectively respond to positive and negative feedback through a more personal human voice, build a stronger online community, establish quality relationships with their targeted audience, and be able to integrate social media into their entire business strategy.

What makes you different than all the other consultants claiming to be social media experts?

Given my extensive business background and experience, I am able to go into a company as a business advisor, not just a social media consultant.  I have created comprehensive 12-24 month strategic digital media and advertising plans for major brands with multi-million dollar budgets.  Thus, my strength is strategy and integration.  I believe it is crucial for any social media expert to have a strong business strategy background because this person needs to dive into every part of the company to create an effective online strategy and determine how to integrate social media into the entire business strategy (culture, systems, customer service, marketing, etc.).  Every single business I work with will get proven hype-free advice from me. Everything I do is based on honesty, integrity, and results.

How do you work with corporations?

I have complete corporate training and consulting packages for corporations, public relations companies, advertising agencies, and marketing firms.  Corporate trainings are either done in a virtual setting or at the location of the company. Education programs are scheduled for half-day, full-day, or multiple-day trainings.  There are also a 90-day consulting and strategic planning packages available.  In addition, I can be hired for keynote presentations at corporate conferences and events.

How do you work with entrepreneurs?

I work with committed entrepreneurs in many ways.  They can join me in any of my virtual group training programs or they can apply to work with me as VIP clients for half-day or full-day consultations and trainings. Entrepreneurs will also be able to purchase products very soon.  I also have programs for entrepreneurs who want to start a digital marketing or social media consulting business.

Why do you choose to work with both entrepreneurs and corporations?

Since social media and online marketing are so new, education is needed for both entrepreneurs and corporations; and I choose to work with both because my type of work can cater to both. The type of business is not important as long as clients I bring on are committed, have a willingness to learn, and trust my suggestions.  I am able to use my corporate background and expertise to work one-on-one with corporations.  Also, being a successful entrepreneur myself, many entrepreneurs want to work with me because of the success rate with my own business. I have created group training programs and products (coming soon) for entrepreneurs to leverage my time, since I can no longer work with too many entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis.

What are the rates for your services?

I no longer have hourly rates.  For corporate training and consulting programs, rates will be discussed during the initial consultation.  For entrepreneurs, the rates for products and services will be discussed during a strategy session after the application has been completed and submitted to me.  The rates for keynote presentations will vary depending on the nature of the event.

Do you offer social media execution as well?

I do not do any social media execution beyond strategic planning and social media policy development.  Once the strategy is complete, I can help a business hire and train the person or in-house team to execute the plan.  I will guide the way and be there for consulting, education and support.

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