For your convenience, the most common social media and search engine marketing questions have been answered below.  Please click on the category to view the answers to each question.


What is your background and experience?

How long have you been in the Internet marketing industry?

Have you succeeded with online marketing for your own business?

Who are your current clients?

Why would a business need to hire a social media consultant?

What makes you different than all the other consultants claiming to be social media experts?

How do you work with corporations?

How do you work with entrepreneurs?

Why do you choose to work with both entrepreneurs and corporations?

What are the rates for your services?

Do you offer social media execution as well?

Social Media & Social Networking

What is social media?

I have heard you call social media "social web".  Is there a difference?

Can using social media really help my business?

Where do I start with social media?

How much time do I need to spend on social media marketing?

What is social networking?

What is the difference between social networking and social media?

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

What is search engine marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Does every website need search engine optimization?

How can I make my website more search engine friendly?

Will I see immediate results with search engine optimization?

How do search engines decide on rankings in the natural (organic) search results?

What do I mainly need to do to achieve high rankings in the search engines?