Rave Reviews

In early 2011, I decided to take the “Developing a Social Media Strategy” class offered by UCI and tought by Mirna Bard. The first class was so captivating and engaging that I immediately knew that I was going to be able to take away a lot from the class. Only within next few weeks, I was able to not only learn the Social Media topic, but also design and produce a concrete Social Media Strategy at work.

Mirna has this unique knack of pointing at the key issues that organizations of all size face pertaining to designing, implementing or tracking a sustainable Social Media Strategy. During the class, she identified to us an enhanced and out of the box methodology to use social media for engaging our current and potential customers; one that I thought was strategically different, game changing. I have been in the Digital Media arena for almost a decade and a half, and I don’t too many individuals who are as bright as Mirna Bard in the field. I am extremely pleased to get this opportunity to recommend Mirna Bard.

Sameer S.

As the senior marketing executive at my firm, it became fast apparent that social media was transforming my discipline. An old dog with 20 years of education and 30 years experience had to learn a whole new set of tricks. Mina Bard brought me to the promised land.

Nicky C.

Mirna Bard is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and social media expert. Her class was one of the best I took at UCI. I was able to take her guidance and turn it into a strategic and effective social media campaign for my employer and our long-standing annual client event to increase awareness, engagement and attendance in the first year I applied these principals. Thank you, Mirna

Deena M.

Mirna Bard is a true professional. She knows her trade, keeps her word, and exhibits great confidence. As a Social Media Strategy Consultant, Trainer, Speaker & Author, she is the expert I chose for my marketing needs. I have found Mirna to be patient, understanding, kind and caring; traits I look for in anyone I work with, am friends with, or hire.

It is without reservation that I recommend Mirna Bard for any position she aspires to.

Joyce Knudsen. PhD

Mirna understands the intricacies and the ever-changing climate of social media marketing in a way which helps me maximize my exposure and build my platform. She is a joy to work with and I would recommend her without reservation.

Beth Misner

Mirna is an amazing social media consultant and kindly shares her expertise to the students of the University California, Irvine. Her classes are extremely engaging and insightful, and her weekly calls allowed us to exchange some great ideas as well as answer some of questions. I highly recommend Mirna both as a consultant and instructor, and hope that she goes on to lead other future classes!l

Guam L.

There are a lot of digital consultants who claim to be social media gurus, but Mirna is truly the real deal. She has a comprehensive understanding of all conceptual and practical aspects of social, and is constantly providing real-time recommendations that demonstrate an absurd depth and breadth of insight and expertise. She also practices what she preaches with both clients and colleagues alike, by offering an endless supply of wit, knowledge, compassion, and mentorship - sometimes, all in the same breath. She is a tremendous asset to any company looking to not only grow its social market share, but sustain that growth for the long-haul.

Chi T.

"Hi Mirna. I went through the contact steps after following on Twitter, newsletter sign up and reading several posts on your blog. All of this so I could respectively with some etiquette send you a message about how cool I think you are and relevant on topic etc. BTW, I want to make the social graphic a poster for my office. Going to read the free chapter and probably buy the book. You strike a cord some how in a VERY crowded field.

My interest is personal as a consultant, but also for a new agency we are nurturing called Visability.ca and visabilitymarketing.com , which is an emerging evolution of the need of the traditional publisher to move into new ways and means. Keeping you on my interesting potential speakers list for our events division and simply taking the time to reward you with feed back that you have a really convincing and strong web presence for your expertise. Good luck and best wishes from Canada. You Rock, girl."

David J.

"In talking with Mirna on the radio, I could ‘feel’ her willingness to listen to her clients and make recommendations on ‘their needs.” If you would like to hire a social strategist, hire someone who cares. If I need social media help, she would be the first person I would call."

Dr. Joyce Knudsen
The ImageMaker, Inc

I really appreciate Mirna’s energy and excitement. She is engaged in what she teaches, and gives you the tools and clear understanding when it comes to social media.

TZ Tully

Thank you for all the great advice during the consult. You so know your stuff! Mirna Bard gets to know your needs before spewing advice. I so like that. It's like getting custom-tailored insight to social campaigns.


Mirna! Just letting you know that your strategizing with me on the promotion of my husband's film project worked. We raised the funds - including a pledge from director Kevin Smith! How cool is that?

Pamela H.

Thank you Mirna for giving me great advice and lots of tips! I learned so much from you in just one-hour. I was overwhelmed and lost in the online marketing possibilities. You gave me something that was missing that I needed: a clear strategy. Thank you for showing me the way. I'm very excited!

Yasko Kawamura
Couple's Massage Therapist

"Mirna is both knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She put the complex and intimidating world of Social Media Marketing into an understandable and accessible format which I can use to develop an effective plan with clear goals and measurable results. I highly recommend her course, Social Web Success Blueprint, for anyone trying to make sense of the Internet and the opportunities that lie there."

Laura Lehrer

"Mirna's keynote for NAWBO was dynamic and informative. I walk away learning something new everytime I hear Mirna speak. She brings great value for the audience. Her warm personality makes me feel she's speaking directly to me even though I am in a room filled with 100 people. I highly recommend attending an event where Mirna is the speaker! You will surely walk away with valuable insights!"

Sue Lemus

"I highly recommend Mirna's Social Web Success Blueprint program. She removes the mystery and confusion about social media and gives you a comprehensive step-by-step strategy for creating a social media plan. She's is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with her information and experience. It is an excellent investment and very worthwhile."

Christine Adzich

"Hi Mirna. Your Social Web Success Blueprint program was fantastic. I learned a lot. I think one of the biggest things I learned was that I need to use my face out there more so people know I am a person on the other end. I get the robot response a lot when I attempt to reach out to people on twitter."

Trinitie K.
Kedrowski Transcription

"Your presentation was very impressive and I had no idea, being in banking, of the impact of social networking until I attended your discussion."

Anita S.

"Hi Mirna. Thank you very much for the very informative presentation. It was better than all the books I’ve read so far about social media. Thanks again."

Arzu S.

"You are very welcome! Your presentation was fabulous and very insightful. The videos you showed on sociolnomics just blew me away! You made some excellent points on why we shouldn't just dive in and then get stuck not knowing what to do next. That was my experience for sure! I started messing around with twitter and then got overwhelmed after a couple of days! Please keep me in your database and I'd be interested in your upcoming webinars. Thanks again for speaking to the group! Have a great rest of the week."

Janet C.

"Mirna- I totally enjoyed your presentation at NAWBO Tuesday evening. It was awesome and I expected no less. You have definitely earned the title of Social Media Maven, and more! Thanks for sharing. It's appreciated."

Stacy M.

"Social Media has been outstanding for our business. It is the new wave of the future and it's here to stay. I can't tell you how many awesome relationships we have developed from Social Media, not to mention an influx of customers. Mirna is extremely knowledgeable in Social Media and is teaching some rockin courses. Listen up, she knows her stuff!"

Ted McGrath
Ted McGrath

"I hired Mirna to help me with SEO on my website. I had used another SEO company before and found that they really had not done much to help me. Since I have hired Mirna my traffic has increased significantly. She has also advised me on areas of improvement for my website. Since our initial contract I have also hired her to train my assistant and myself on the intricacies of using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in business. I would highly recommend Mirna to help you with SEO and social networking needs!"

Sue P.

"Every day, more and more companies are claiming to be experts when it comes to Internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, that it can be difficult to decipher who is really able to deliver results.

One thing I can tell you from experience is that Mirna Bard is the expert that will not only deliver results; she'll deliver optimum results which will consistently exceed your expectations. Mirna has been integral to creating visibility both for BNI and me on Twitter and Facebook; she listened to our goals, worked out a social media strategy that had quantifiable and achievable metrics, and she continues to work tirelessly to create maximum visibility and garner multi-tiered online exposure for us.

Mirna has an obvious passion for the new media industry and no matter what your social media goals may be, she will create a successful strategy tailored to fit your needs. You can trust Mirna's astute business skills, integrity, cutting-edge knowledge, and hands-on approach to provide you with unparalleled service and steer you through the social media maze without fail.

I cannot recommend Mirna highly enough."

Dr. Ivan Misner
NY Times Bestselling Author

"My experience during that conference working with Mirna was superb, and I have had her speak at other events since then, including Los Angeles (July 31st), a networking function in Washington, DC in September, etc.

Mirna’s style is very down to Earth. She provides an atmosphere that allows myself and the audience to feel comfortable with her, and comfortable enough to ask her questions and not feel that we are being talked down to. She always provides more information than is expected, and this is appreciated by the audience.

She doesn’t hold information back, and this makes her a valuable and worthwhile speaker."

Robert Fine
Cool Blue Company LLC

"After using two SEO companies with absolutely no results. Mirna was able to coach us through the process and taught what exact questions we needed to ask, and what red flags to look for, we were able to find the right company who finally got us on page 1 of Google. Thank you!"

Stacy, Dental MDI Solutions.

"No one was able to explain social media like Mirna did. Her coaching is amazing and I finally know why social media is important for my business. She also recommended strategies that I am already starting to see ROI with."

Veronica S., MP Inc.

"Thank you SO much to Mirna for the GREAT training. I learned so much and the hours flew by, I wasn't bored once, & I learned a TON!!"

Aaron M.

"Mirna Bard gave a terrific presentation on the fascinating new world of social media, she explained everything in an easy to understand format that will allow anyone to start embracing this important new concept into your business today. I would recommend her teachings to anyone looking to incorporate social media into their business model."

Michael D.
Citywide Financial Corporation

"I love all the new ideas presented about social media & SEO. Great Meeting and worth the time and long drive."

Robert R.

"The speaker, Mirna was very knowledgeable about the topic and handled questions very well."

Giselle C.
Chapman Business Solutions

The most valuable part of the meeting was Mirna, the speaker and the networking.

Laura B.
University of Riverside

"Mirna, you rock. True expert advice on SEO, social media & blogging. Clear actionable steps won you loyal fans."

Pandora P.
Outside The Box Strategic Solutions, LLC

"I highly recommend NuReach Global Internet Marketing Services. You can be assured that by following their guidance and expertise, you will be very pleased. We worked with a Search Engine Optimization specialist from NuReach Global for our ethnic dating website and are extremely impressed with the outcome. We've reached the top of multiple search engines including the highly competative Google search engine. Not to mention the costumer support is prompt and detailed, so rest assured- if you have any questions, you will recieve the assistance you are looking for. Without a doubt- NuReach Global will meet your internet marketing needs, whatever they may be."

Layal T.
Help U Match, Inc.

Two Testimonials:

"Mirna, you are an amazing social media guru. Thanks for all your hard work. You are a great teacher; so nice and easy to understand. You will never know how grateful we are."

"Best Presentation All Year! You’ve given me my second wind on social networking! You were just tremendous."

Debbie D.

"Mirna Bard of NuReach Global is an absolute internet marketing genius! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also an expert at efficiently conveying that knowledge to her clients in a way that even the technologically-challenged and self-proclaimed internet illiterate can easily understand and put to immediate use. 🙂 Plus, Mirna stays impressively ahead of the curve in regard to the constantly evolving world of social media and internet marketing. She stays right on track with every new development, she knows what the trends are and where they're headed, and she knows exactly how to get ultimate visibility and results."

As the Communications Coordinator for BNI Headquarters, I am constantly utilizing NuReach Global's services and guidance to increase BNI's online presence and impact. I have consistently received nothing but the highest quality of service from Mirna and I am continually impressed by her proactive approach, her creative ideas, her unparalleled expertise and by how quickly she always responds. She is a pleasure to work with!

Whatever your internet marketing needs may be, I guarantee that NuReach Global will exceed your expectations and get you optimum results.

Erin M.

"Your passion and enthusiasm about social media is contagious. I appreciate everything you have done for our organization."

Lisa G.

"Mirna, you are a natural social media coach! I am lucky to have worked with you."

Cathy M.