Meet Mirna

A well-respected social business and digital strategy authority, a senior consultant, a mentor, a trainer, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a tenacious learner.

 About Mirna

Mirna BardMirna is a world-known senior digital marketing consultant, thought-leader, and instructor of social media at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).  She also contributed the introductory chapter to the "The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives" as well as the book “Boomers into Business".  As a highly regarded business advisor and hype-free digital strategy and social media consultant, Mirna inspires organizations and entrepreneurs around the globe to leverage the Internet, so they can attract more powerful opportunities to their business.

Since the beginning of her career, Mirna has been employed at prestigious advertising agencies and top organizations. Since 1996, she’s worked with numerous brands, such as Guess? Inc.,  Taco Bell, Washington Mutual, Hilton Hotels, Taylor Made, Toshiba, Hoag Hospital, Kawasaki, Merrill Lynch, Avery, UCI, Ed Hardy and many more. Throughout Mirna’s career, her clients have constantly praised her genuine down-to-earth nature, energy, passion, consistency, reliability, resourcefulness, thoroughness, attention to detail, and hype-free approach.

Many companies globally now look to Mirna to educate them on the ever-changing world of social media. Since 2007, she’s empowered hundreds of businesses to create a sustainable strategy so they can consistently boost online transparency, heighten targeted website visitors, draw new qualified prospects, enhance customer relationships, magnetize the media and strategic partners, increase leads and sales as well as streamline internal company communication and empower employees.

In all consulting or training work she takes on, Mirna is results-oriented and works to incorporate social media and online marketing into the entire business and marketing strategy. It is her philosophy that all traditional and digital efforts should complement one another and without clearly set objectives and a strong fine-tuned strategy, she believes that no Internet marketing tactic will be truly successful.

With her bachelor’s degree in advertising, a master’s in business management, and 20 years of experience in advertising, corporate communications, and strategic planning, she draws on a combination of in-depth scholastic knowledge and real-world Internet experience in every client project she engages in. Being a tenacious learner and a student of her work, Mirna continues to study the digital industry and evolve as a thought leader in an industry she has genuine passion for.

Mirna also currently sits on the Social Media & Internet Marketing Board at UC Irvine Extension.

Southern California is home to Mirna, and there is nothing she enjoys more than a long walk on the beach (emphasis on the world long). Most of her free time is spent on learning real estate investing, outdoor activities, cooking, reading books that cover topics like digital marketing, business strategies, nutrition, self-improvement and spirituality.  Most recently, she’s gone back to her favorite hobby as a child – coloring, which she uses to unwind and unplug from technology most evenings.  Mirna is also an avid traveler, which suits her well since her consulting and keynote speaking requires her to spend time away from home.