How Entrepreneurs Can Say ‘No’ to Working Vacations

Working Vacations

Skip the Working Vacations!!

It is time to just say ‘No’ to all working vacations. I get it! This is hard to do for entrepreneurs to do. I’ve struggled for years in trying to make this happen and finally realized the importance of unplugging from work and technology after my health took a hit.

Holidays are supposed to function as the optimal reset switch, helping you recharge your batteries so you can resume work with a rejuvenated aim. Nevertheless, even while you're resting in a hammock on the beach drinking a margarita, provided you're also occupied checking emails on your gadget you aren't actually getting the vacation time you need and deserve.  Without a definite seclusion between work time and leisure time, your getaway may possibly feel significantly less like a getaway than merely the subsequent business vacation. In addition, spending your time checking emails, working on projects or dealing with the everyday stress of work doesn't just do harm to your own revitalization and health; it can be draining for your family and friends as well.

If you really need a break and your work doesn't allow you to disconnect, what do you do? Thankfully, there are ways to unplug from work to get the relaxation time you need. All it takes is some careful planning, a few tech tricks, and a little determination and self-discipline.

In an ideal world, you’d work-proof your devices and online activities so that you could use the phone, computer or internet without coming into contact with any work-related issues.

Try following these five tips to help you completely unplug on vacation without hurting your work performance:

Timing Is Key

Pick a time that won't compromise the success of current projects. A holiday might not be placed on your radar 6 months ahead of time, however starting out earlier might guarantee that your work operates seamlessly while you're experiencing some "me time.”

Creating a Work Plan Before Vacation

Before I begin planning my perfect getaway, I do my best to create a work plan, checklists, and organize my calendar in order not to leave any stone unturned before the trip.  I notify all my clients at least a few months in advance so they can plan accordingly and make sure all assistance are available to take care of everything while I’m gone.

Take some time to plan and organize your work projects so everything is completed or taken care of before you are gone.  After all, your vacation should be what it ought to be.  A vacation, not a work-a-tion.

Visualize Your Dream Vacation

To pump myself up, one of my favorite things to do is to visualize my dream vacation – sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun, listening to fun music, and eating great food.  My dream vacation does not include a work device on my lap or in my hands.  It shouldn’t be yours either.

Go ahead, give it a try – visualize all the things that come to mind:  The location, airline, hotel, places to visit, activities you will partake in, the length of your trip, and the company you will keep.

Stop Procrastinating

One of the very first things I do is to take care of everything I’ve been avoiding or procrastinating, so I don’t keep thinking about it while on vacation.   If you cannot finish everything in time, make sure you delegate away to assistants, family members, and friends.  Do everything possible to free your mind and time for a stress-free getaway.

Isolate Yourself from Emails and Social Media

When I’m on vacation, I often struggle to steer clear of all email.  However, I have to remind myself that the reason for taking a vacation is so I don’t spend my life staring at the computer or phone screen.  There have been a couple vacations when I’ve completely unplugged with my phone turned off the whole time. Yes, that means no phone calls, emails or social media.  I warned everyone I will not be calling or checking email.  It worked beautifully and felt amazing!

Try unplugging completely from personal and work emails. If you must keep your phone on for emergencies or for social media to stay connected with friends and family, limit the number of times you check your email and social profiles so you don’t get side-tracked by something work related.  Also, use an automation tool to schedule all your social media posts ahead of time or have an assistant take care of while you are gone.

With that being said, you can use these strategies for planning your perfect vacation and it will definitely turn out as great as you imagined!

Do you have any other suggestions? Do not hesitate to drop them below!


  • Rajendra

    Well said. Last one- isolation, is very correct and applicable today to all of us.

  • Thanks Rajendra!