Why 4G matters most to businesses

Given that most business takes place in a traditional office setting, few would say that the development of high-speed mobile internet in the form of 4G would be big news in the business world. High-speed mobile internet has been portrayed as great for media lovers who want to watch Netflix on the go, when in fact it is businesses that could benefit the most. Strange as it sounds, businesses now follow models which require flexibility—making 4G a godsend for startups and conglomerates alike. Here are 5 reasons why 4G will make a big difference in the business world, and why it could be a great addition for any business package.

1. Hire the best and brightest: even if they lives miles away

It is not always possible to get the best and brightest employees to move to where your office is located, but luckily the internet has enabled businesses to hire employees who can work remotely from home or on the go. 4G is important for such businesses who have employees working remotely, as it means that they can field video calls, process dense data sheets and bounce internet traffic whether they are at a coffee shop or on the train. Get get the best talent or to get the cheapest talent, you have to look further afield, and 4G makes that field of possibilities even larger.

2. Send your employees to your clients without losing productivity

If you need to send an employee out on assignment or to meet a client, days can often be wasted in transport and other unforeseeable circumstances all for the sake of one meeting. If your employee has a laptop, tablet or smartphone, plus access to 4G, they can work wherever they are. Productivity isn’t lost and you can be in constant contact with them from the moment they leave the office to the moment they return.

3. It makes for a great office back-up

If your fixed-line internet goes down, then it is always great to have a high-speed alternative that you can automatically connect to without any set-up or bother. Many businesses are now completely reliant on the internet: for example, many card machines use the internet or phone-lines to process credit card payments. If you are having problems with your service, then you can be comforted that you have a back-up to keep things running over while you get your main line fixed.

4. Helps customer-end interaction

4G isn’t just great on the business side of the business-consumer relationship: it also helps regular people better interact with businesses, which in turn makes them more money. If consumers have access to a steady and reliable high-speed network, they are much more likely to do things like shop online while on the go. It also means that businesses with a heavy online presence have more options when it comes to customer outreach. The proliferation of 4G is therefore great for businesses in a more abstract manner.

5. Deploy quick and fast

If you are moving office or are setting up a temporary office for working on a particular project (for example, if you work in construction), then 4G is great because you can have instant access to the internet in places where installing a fixed-line is either impossible or where installation will take a long time. Instead of being stranded without internet access, you can quickly and cheaply get online, helping your business move at your pace instead of the pace of broadband providers.

Guest Author:  This is a guest post by Sam, a freelance writer and a part-time blogger. She likes advanced technology and cool gadgets, this is why she chose clear 4g wimax for blogging this article.