Building Relationships through Facebook

Anyone attempting to market on Facebook has to rely on engagement if they want to be successful. What you need are fans that return to your page and engage with your brand. This takes building and fostering different relationships with your Facebook audience.

The best social media campaigns on the web are able to leverage Facebook fans and create real relationships. When fans begin looking forward to your content and repeatedly engaging with your page, you can begin moving more and more people into your funnel and ultimately converting more fans into legitimate customers.

Relationship-building is something that’s incredibly important for any type of business out there, no matter where it’s operating. It simply takes on a bigger importance when you’re advertising via Facebook. So as a business, you have to create and maintain relationships through your advertising.

Ways to Gain Meaningful Relationships through Facebook

Become a Real Business

One of the first steps you have to take to ensure that you’re building proper relationships is to create a real Facebook business page. Becoming a legitimate brand is a lot different than being an everyday Facebook user. You’re not just providing material for the fun of it; you’re directly catering to a niche with specific material that’s meant to inform. It can still be entertaining, and in fact it should be. However, you’re after business-customer relationships, and that requires you to first set up a legitimate business presence and not a basic profile.

Work to Keep People Engaged

One of the mysteries you’re going to have to solve is figuring out how to keep people engaged with your brand. If you’re selling antivirus software, for example, you’ll have to reach your niche on their level, providing for them what they need. Videos of your software in action, testimonials, and special features about your product will draw more people in and create more engagement. Each piece of material should provide something for the niche’s benefit, and once they engage with you, be sure to engage back with them.

You should also think about content beyond your actual product. Write about anything that makes your potential customers’ lives easier whether or not it’s exactly what your business is offering. In the antivirus example, this could be guides to minimizing the risk of harm (where you obviously can squeeze your product in if it fits the general topic).

Create Reachable Goals

Another way to work on building meaningful relationships via Facebook is to work in increments. You want to create goals that you’re able to reach. For example: With a new ad you’re launching, set a goal of getting 5% more engagement. Even the best Facebook ads won’t give you incredibly high engagement numbers or allow you to reach all of your fans, and attempting to reach everyone in one push may cause your material to suffer. So work with set, reachable goals in mind.

Focus on Quality Content

Making sure that you post high-quality content is going to help you succeed on every level. First and foremost, quality content is more immediately appreciated by your fans, and once Facebook notices this, your content will be delivered to more news feeds of more of your audience. Quality content also keeps your fans wanting to come back. If you’re providing something of worth for them, they’re going to consistently return to see it. This is how healthy relationships start in this type of business.

Tune Based on Metrics

Focusing on various metrics will allow you to view the progress of your relationships, and this will subsequently help you to fine tune your approach to better cater to your base. Pay attention to the overall number of likes you’re receiving, the number of interactions on your page, and also the number of signups and requests you’re receiving. What kind of actions are taking place on your site? How many of your fans are taking these actions? This allows you to tighten up working areas to work better, while fixing or eliminating ineffective areas.

Having fans is one thing, but building relationships with your followers and keeping them engaged means far more brand recognition, much more respect as a business, and more customers ultimately purchasing your product at the end of the day.

Author:  Eric Taylor is a social media enthusiast who likes to share his views on the latest happenings in the field of social media. He works as freelance writer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad campaign tool that concentrates on building tools for social media marketing. Qwaya also provides high quality information, tools and up-to-date news about social media marketing strategies, most specifically in Facebook.