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  • Astonishing U.S. Social Media Usage Statistics – Are Americans Social?

    I wanted to share this amazing infographic about social media usage in the United States.  Check out these astounding stats, share away, and leave your comments below.                                          


    Source:  AgentGenius is a rapidly growing real estate social media, tech, news, and opinion site built and designed by and for the on-the-go agent. Their mission is to be a positive force in the industry, led by people inside of real estate. They aim to keep you up to date on trends that we study closely in order to forecast what’s next on the horizon.

    What do you think of these astonishing stats?  Please leave your comments below.

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  • Raul

    Hi, this is amazing! I didn’t see it here but I believe I read somewhere that there are something like 1,500 –  2,000 posts on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined PER SECOND!

    I believe that as humans we are social creatures. And social media is a new way for people to try and get their social needs met since (I believe) most people don’t in real life. Social media may be real from the standpoint that the people are real, real conversations, real pictures, jobs, comments, what have you, but no true meaningful intimate emotional connection. It ends up being the same problem we/they have in real life, and we/they end up mistaking quantity for quality.

    That being said, it’s here, and it’s one heck of a marketing tool! So post away!    

    • Mirna Bard

      Thank you for sharing your insights Raul! Very true, also because of people’s busy work and family schedules, it is difficult to get social needs met. Social media can never be in place of in-person socializing but definitely helps to keep people connected.

  • Mary-Margaret Dillio

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