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  • Case Study: One B2B Increases Business One Tweet at a Time

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    NAFFA_Horiz_medTwitter, how I love thee! Twitter has truly been the best tool for connecting with some fascinating tweeps. One tweep, Imad Naffa (@imadnaffa), a civil engineer and small business owner caught my attention a couple of weeks when I read that one of his tweets was retweeted by Queen Rania of Jordan.  I mean come on, how often does that happen? If you look at @QueenRania‘s Twitter stream, you can see retweets are extremely rare, if any! [Read the full story on @markwschaefer‘s blog].

    What caught my attention even more was how Imad was effectively using Twitter to increase brand awareness and grow his B2B business, NAFFA International in Fresno California.  He increased one aspect of his business by 25 percent in six months just by using Twitter.  Since Imad was already following me I sent him a direct message requesting to chat since I thought his story would be of interest to many B2B companies. For a while now, the big question has been:  “Does Social Media Work for B2B Companies?”  Imad and I say:  “Heck ya, it does!”  Right Imad?

    Imad believes that the smartest peeps are using social media (aheeem :)…wonder if he was referring to me too? LOL).  Listen to what Imad has to say about social media and tell us what you think!


    I will be posting more case study interviews like this on a regular basis. If you are using social media successfully in your business and would like to be interviewed, please reach out to me. I love hearing social media success stories!

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  • Mark W Schaefer

    Thanks for the mention, Mirna. Imad is a true gem of a man!

  • Imad Naffa

    My thanks go to Mirna for her interview and for making me welcome. I enjoyed sharing with her audience and learned a couple of things in the process.

    If you have not visited Mirna’s web site, you are missing out!. I became familiar with her resources recently and now feeding on the wealth of knowledge available for small business trying to make it in Social Media and networking tips in general. I just wish I had these resources when I started using Social Media. Oh well, never too late!

    As far as “Does Social Media Work for B2B Companies?” My definite answer is YES!

    As I said in the interview, Social Media has allowed me to meet some of the smartest, intriguing, most interesting people in the world…Yes Mirna, you made that list :) Mark Shaefer, you’re there too my friend, along with 100’s that are too many to mention here in every field and expertise you can think of.

    Stay relevant and competitive in the months and years to come….participate in Social Media, Meet the most interesting people that you would not have otherwise had a chance to…. and enjoy the ride!

    If I can be of help to you by sharing more of my experience, I will be happy to do so.

    Warm regards, Imad

  • Reader

    I know he has a lot of followers, which is great, but I actually use this account as an example in presentations of how not to tweet. Not that there is a definitive guide on how to use Twitter, but most people I’ve encountered find Imad’s tweets borderline spam. Scheduled tweets and irrelevant content seem to just add to the noise and are just the same as email blasts. Would love to see someone like this in the building industry really use twitter for engaging and connecting people – that’s where the value is.

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  • Meetu Singhal

    Wow what an incredible case study. This is inspiring and I feel it is very helpful for small businesses. Being a person who is just starting this podcast has come just in time. Reading books like ‘Crush IT !” is one thing and knowing stories from achievers from real life specially around you is definitely more impactful . My sincere thanks to your Mirna for bringing this conversation to us and of course equal thanks to Imad for sharing so simply the importance of engaging businesses on social media. Mirna, so that you know I will be re-blogging this story on my social media accounts. Love it!! and Imad I am following one more smart person from today onwards :-)

  • Mirna

    My pleasure Mark..thank you for the great blog post! I had a great time interviewing you Imad. Many people (including Meetu above) have learned from you experience and your tips. Thanks again for sharing your success with all of us!

  • Georgianne Skora

    You keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  • Lisa Scott

    Indeed Twitter can help any business keep in touch with vital contacts, customers, partners, etc. However, it shouldn’t be relied on 100%. These technologies come and go. It would always be wise to have a backup that you control.

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